Have you ever gone someplace and wondered who are the people around you? With Hobnobpal, now you can find out not only who the person is sitting across from you but also who you both know in common!

Never Miss a Connection Again:

Have you ever literally just bumped into someone you knew? Have you ever thought about how many times you just missed someone you knew because you were looking the other way? With Hobnobpal, you will never miss a connection again!

Six Degrees of Separation:

Popular theory is that there are a maximum of six connections between you and anyone else in the world. With Hobnobpal you can see every way you are connected between you and anyone else. Just import your contacts so we know your connections and let us do the rest!

Common Connections:

Have you ever been surprised that your friend happens to know someone that you know? Or have you ever wondered if you may know some of the same people as someone you just met? With Hobnobpal, we will show you who are your common connections.

Drop a Pin and Navigate Back:

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